Perry, There is a multitude of problems in the US, one of which is your Liberal belief system as indicated by your placing the blame for that on President Trump and the Republicans. 1). I believe the bulk of the money in the US is held by the Left/Democrats, etc. 2). In the 1960s, I believe the US was put on a path to implode or self destruct. 4 governmental actions were implemented that put us where we are today. A). In 1963, President Kennedy said that we were going to face economic problems if we continued to send jobs out of the US. This was being facilitated by Congress and he was letting the American people know this. We slant towards a capitalist economy and if a company wants to do that is okay, but they sure as Hell should not get tax breaks for shipping jobs out of the country*. B). (I). The 1965 Immigration Reform Act which essentially opened the borders to peoples who do not assimilate. These people came from South of the Rio Grande, Africa, and Asia. It shut down immigration from countries that made us a Great Nation. Besides, what needed reforming, we were the greatest nation in the history of the world. (II), Anchor Babies or Birthright Citizenship. This was established by Executive Order. President Johnson, it later became a regulation coming out of a Govt Agency. C). A Supreme Court decision that allowed for dual citizenship. We have an estimated 50 million dual citizens in the US, many from countries hostile to America. D). The 1968 Government Reform Act. All incoming revenues were placed into 1 account and all bills paid out of the same account. While it seems to make sense, it placed the monies deducted as payroll taxes into this account and used it for General Fund expenses. E). The Great Society Program. According to Walter Williams, $ 22 Trillion dollars have been spent and poverty is as bad if not worse as it was in 1965. BTW: The National Debt is $22 Trillion dollars. *... I am not sure when this started, but I used JFK's quote as the starting point. /\/\/\/\/\ All these actions were enacted by a Democrat Congress and a Democrat President. I am willing to admit that some Republicans must have voted for them. ALSO, I will say a whole lot more officials have kept their mouths shut and said nothing since then. /\/\/\/\ I say this was done to destroy America if I am wrong, then WHY Was This Done?

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