Justin; School Districts are governmental sub-units and all employees as such are government employees. Teachers, Administrators, Cooks, Janitors and the rest are governmental employees. There are 2 main problems in education. 1. What is taught. 2. What is taught but not learned. I am going to briefly explain myself because I am not sure if this will be read. 1. Education seems to be brainwashing/indoctrinating the students to be Socialists or dependent on the government. The Left began talking over education in the 1920s and by the 1960s had control of most colleges and universities and made inroads into high schools. The riots of the 60s bear out my claim. The 60s rioters are now retiring from their jobs, many in govt. 2. Many students are not learning the curriculum as taught, some of which is the fault of the schools, most have to do with no expectations for success at home. This is a sensitive area and I will stop here lest I head in a different direction. I am a retired educator, teacher, high school principal, and school district superintendent.

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