Lots of comments about malpractice. No mention of the fact that there are two kinds of malpractice. One is pain and suffering, the other is for actual damages caused by the medical errors and misconduct. From what I have read, the greater by a good margin is the payment for actual damages, the payment for redial care to fix what was wrong or providing continuing care for what cannot be fixed. Under a real National Health Care program there would be no malpractice lawsuits for actual damages, because caring for them would be automatically covered. No malpractice insurance because it's not needed. That is a large portion of the reason Canadian malpractice insurance is much cheaper than US. Also, from what I have read, relatively few of the huge pain and suffering suits actually collect that judgement amount. Appeals cut the awards, either by being ruled out of line or the parties negotiating to avoid the cost of appeals. However you look at it, National Health Care is a winner. That $3 Trillion would be $2 trillion under the most expensive National Healthcare plans among the industrial democracies.