Well Steve, your analysis of the #'s is flawed and that's a problem, and it's a big problem. Just to point out a few of those flaws , let's start with your analysis of income , taxes, and 'equality' . Nobody who is serious about analyzing income uses household income as the metric to determine wage or income mobility. The correct metric for determining what people are earning in respect to previous periods is individual income, not household income. The size and dynamics of households is constantly changing. A family with 2 incomes of $65,000 and $40,000 per yr respectively and 2 children equals 1 household of 4 w/ a household income of $105,000 . After divorce, you have 2 households , with $65k and $40 k respectively. That changes the equation and gives an income figure that does not acurately reflect wage mobility or income earned by individual taxpayers. Moreover, you present the overall income of the two genders as a pay gap and you cite the data as proof that women are only getting $0.74 on the dollar compared to men, which, according to you is obvious proof of income inequality favoring men and unjustly shorting women. Steve, where are the #'s ? You are clearly dividing total income by number of women and not bothering to account for total hours worked at a job for job (apples to apples) basis . If a man works 10 hours and earns $100 that's,$10 per hour. If a woman works 7.4 hours and makes $74 that is what? Steve? $10 per hour, isn't it Steve? But you are saying the man earned $100 and the woman only earned $74 and that proves that women don't get paid equally to men, women get 74 cents on the dollar. Bullshit Steve and you know it. I'll point out the obvious once again, if employers could get away with paying women $0.74 on the dollar, they would hire mostly women and not men and lower their payroll cost by 26%. Hello!! But that's not what's happenning is it Steve? And you want us to contact our gvt. Rep and say what exactly? " hey mr gvt guy, force women to make different decisions regarding raising kids instead of an office job" ? Your healthcare analysis is dogshit too. All flawed, all wrong. Clean up your act Steve! Quit trying to con everybody and get right. You and your organization have no credibility and cannot be taken seriously.

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