So what if we're spending on healthcare? Yes, I asked so what? We spend more because we have more options available to take advantage of as patients and consumers. I like having the option of a private hospital room if Im admitted to a hospital. I like the fact that I can see a specialist and if I need an MRI I can get one the same week that I'm referred. I like being able to get a blood test the same day my doctor tells me to. Some people like new boobies, or new noses, or regular visits to the OBGYN and ultrasounds. All of those are tradeoffs for higher spending and they are things that Americans willingly choose to pay for and it is not automatically or inherently bad. How long does it take to get an MRI in Canada,or England? People need to get off of their asses and get educated about things that matter and quit allowing themselves to be misled by politicians and the media. You have to learn the numbers on how many Canadians hop the fence into NY or some other US city every year in order to receive critical, life depending medical care that they cannot get in Canada. Then you have to ask why that is, and then take the time to find out the answer to that question. Just because we're spending more per capita does not automatically mean a crisis in healthcare by any stretch of the imagination. It means we're buying more boobies and nose jobs, or getting more hips replaced, or seeking more specialized care, or we're eating way too much crap and we're more fat and will unhealthy than ever. It does not mean that it makes one bit of sense to take the free market system out of healthcare and allow the government to have any part or involvement in running , administering, or providing healthcare. Period.