I'm very concern regarding income inequality and the American life styles of millennials, those who are 35 to us retirees. This is my opinion only. After World War Il companies had stakeholder governance that included their customers employees and communities. Everybody won the next forty years. Stakeholders governance worked then for the top 10% whose lifestyle gained was 100%. The remaining bottom 90% of the country lifestyle was close to 85 to 90%. They too won with their wages, homes buying power in their communities with good elementary schools, junior high schools and high schools. Smaller numbers of students in classes that enabled one on teaching. Even after school tutoring also activities for students was available too. It all was great then until the mid 1980's. Stakeholders governance became short term governance. Companies with their shareholders they had incentives for managers with those profitable incentive packages to managers. Their employees wages suffered, living in communities with over crowded classroom sizes. Because of closed schools with unqualified teachers suffered. Take Jamie Diamond Chairman at Chase or Warren Buffett of Berkshire. All are billionaires and other billionaires know their gains with many tax loopholes today. Income inequality in this country has enormous problems from the wage gap, living standards of the middle class to America students. Why, this problems today to me is white collar greed. I grew up in the 1960's and witness then white collar greed, but my parents were able to give there three kids everything. As a Black American, smart enough to be blessed with grown children and a grandchildren who today are suffering today. One with a undergraduate degree plus a graduate. She's married to a young man whow also has a college degree. They have a beautiful home in Atlanta with a three year old daughter. There're just making it from pay check to pay check each month. The same holds true for my youngest daughter with a college degree with enormous medical expenses. I am retired and I must help them both financially too. I'm hoping for a new democratic congress with a democratic president whose focus will be on bills for better income equality from companies here in America. Also, fixing Obamacare healthcare for all citizens here. Having a healthcare program began before President Eisenhower presidency. We now have a Republican senate and majority leader from the state of Kentucky who has already made plans only to add more conservative judges who were confirmed and many unqualified for the purpose of keeping White governance over people of color with a president that should be impeached and never elected. Our allies don't care for him. Our adversaries uses him, because they know he's only interested in making billions of dollars for his own name brand Trump. Over 68% of Trump administration has left while the country is divided. Sad to me a $1.7 trillion dollar tax cut in 2017 and 21% cut for businesses. They brought back their own stocks which benefited their companies and stockholders. The first quarter GDP of 3.2% was for the rich. The other 98% of America didn't benefit from the report. This American is not prospering, but hate for each other under a disapproved Donald Trump by three million votes. With Republicans have no plans for this country. I fought in Vietnam and watched my.buddies heads, legs and stomach died and left their blood in that stinkin clay for what. Today, it sickens me with all the professionals in government looking at all these analysis and lying politicians today with no solutions.

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