Results of Economic Growth Differ by Industry

Has your industry experienced economic growth this past year? Share your story with your lawmakers.

The national GDP grew 15.5% between 2007, the peak of the GDP before the recession, and 2017, from $16.87 trillion to $19.49 trillion.

During this period, the real estate and rental and leasing industry grew 22.1 percent, from $2.12 trillion to $2.59 trillion, becoming the largest industry in terms of value added to the GDP (Fig. 32). 

Manufacturing saw 1.2% growth, from $2.16 trillion to $2.18 trillion, and fell from being the second-largest industry in the nation to third.

Two industries have seen their share of the GDP fall – mining, which dropped 26.7% from $366 billion to $269 billion, and construction, which fell 6.4% from $835 billion to $781 billion.