In 2017, the US Spent Less Than 1% of Its Budget on Foreign Aid

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Aid priorities have shifted qualitatively and geographically since 2010. Spending on economic and military assistance dropped $2.6 billion (down 7%) and $1.9 billion (down 12%), respectively (Fig. 108). While contributions to governance programs dropped $7.4 billion, or 26.6%, humanitarian programs were funded 38% more in the same period (Fig. 109).

From a regional perspective, the US directed 34% more aid to sub-Saharan Africa in 2017 than in 2010, totaling $12.7 billion (Fig. 110). A plurality of the aid money, 29.1%, supported emergency response while 26.1% went to HIV/AIDS. In that same time, aid to South and Central Asia declined 54%.